Course Description

The Outback Equines Training Tribe invites you to join us for a journey into equine learning and understanding via our online training platform.

With a monthly subscription, this course will walk you through many facets of training your horse, including Learning Theory, Foundation Horsemanship Skills and much more.

Your Training Tribe subscription includes all course content in self-paced format, access to a supportive, private Facebook group, advance VIP notice of upcoming clinics and camps so you won't miss out on a spot, and a FREE clicker training tool!

With in depth training videos and written content, you will be covering basics such as handling, float loading, manners and basic training though combined reinforcement methods

This course is suitable for beginner humans and beginner horses, through to advanced owners looking to refine their skills or work through problem behaviours.

This training course is unique in its content and structure. Your instructor Hayley has developed a comprehensive, easy to understand curriculum that is always being reviewed with the latest research, and is backed with thousands of hours of practical experience.

The Outback Equines Online Horse Training Course aims to create horse guardians and riders that can train smarter, not harder and understand their horses language with Science and Soul. What are you waiting for? Click Subscribe to join the Tribe!

Trainer/Director - Outback Equines

Hayley Chambers

Hayley's Qualifications & Achievements Diploma Applied Science - Equine StudiesRDA Level One Coach (Riding for the Disabled)Introductory General Coach EA (Equestrian Australia)Trainee EA Level One General Coach NHAA Level Two Horse Archery Instructor - National Horse Archery Association Certificate III Dog Training & BehaviourHayley is an accomplished professional horsewomen specialising in:Training difficult horsesStarting young horsesFloat loadingClicker & positive reinforcement trainingCombined ReinforcementTrick horsesLiberty horse trainingBareback / Bridle-less ridingAdvocate and experienced in bitless ridingTrained to Elementary/Medium dressageJumped to D grade level show jumpingPerformance displays in horsemanship, trick and clicker training throughout events in South East QueenslandHolistic Horsemanship - incorporating health, nutrition, and muscle performance into a training regimeDog Training - agility, trick training, beginner - advanced obedience, puppy pre-schools, managing difficult behaviours.

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