Course Description

Outback Equines trains using ethical humane methods backed by science and is ever evolving with the latest research and studies.

Trainer/Director - Outback Equines

Hayley Chambers

Hayley's Qualifications & Achievements Diploma Applied Science - Equine StudiesRDA Level One Coach (Riding for the Disabled)Introductory General Coach EA (Equestrian Australia)Trainee EA Level One General Coach NHAA Level Two Horse Archery Instructor - National Horse Archery Association Certificate III Dog Training & BehaviourHayley is an accomplished professional horsewomen specialising in:Training difficult horsesStarting young horsesFloat loadingClicker & positive reinforcement trainingCombined ReinforcementTrick horsesLiberty horse trainingBareback / Bridle-less ridingAdvocate and experienced in bitless ridingTrained to Elementary/Medium dressageJumped to D grade level show jumpingPerformance displays in horsemanship, trick and clicker training throughout events in South East QueenslandHolistic Horsemanship - incorporating health, nutrition, and muscle performance into a training regimeDog Training - agility, trick training, beginner - advanced obedience, puppy pre-schools, managing difficult behaviours.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Theory in Horsemanship - The Principles of Learning

    • The Principles of Learning - Theory in Animal Training

    • What is Behaviour?

    • Thresholds for Behaviour & Categories of Behaviour

    • The ABC's of Behaviour

    • The Motivation Matrix

    • Reinforcement

    • Punishment

    • Modifying / Eliminating Unwanted Behaviour

    • Classical Conditioning

    • Operant Conditioning

    • Desensitisation

    • What is Flooding?

    • What is Learned Helplessness?

    • What is an Extinction Burst?

    • The 10 Principles of Equine Learning (ISES) Poster

    • Foundation Horsemanship Video One - Theory

    • What is Clicker Training - Live Video from the Equine Action QLD Event 2017

    • Foundation Horsemanship - Video Two - Equipment Choices, Tying a Rope Halter and Tying up your horse, Teaching the Back up, Teaching the Park

    • Foundation Horsemanship - Video Three - Lateral Flexion, Picking up the hooves safely

    • Foundation Horsemanship - Video Four - Yielding the Hindquarters & Yielding the Forequarters

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Five - Beginning Circle Work and Facing up

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Six - More circle work and facing up, Trouble-shooting, Starting Desensitisation

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Seven - Desensitisation to a variety of stimuli

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Eight - Giving to rope pressure and Unwind the Bind

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Nine - Circle work, starting the canter, shaping the canter

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Ten - Leading from the shoulder, Advancing your horsemanship with obstacles

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Eleven - Circle work, change of direction without stopping

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Twelve - Teaching the Side Pass

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Thirteen - Challenging your horsemanship skills & Teaching your horse to 'target'

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Fourteen - Moving up and Down the Paces on the circle & the Importance of Poles/Cavaletti

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Fifteen - A holistic approach to horsemanship - what else can inhibit your success with your horsemanship?

    • Foundation Horsemanship Series - Video Sixteen - Problem Solving and Difficult Behaviours

    • Lesson Plan One

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